Q:  Do I need to know music theory?
A:  No, the ability to read musical notation is not required.

Q:  Do I need to be able to play a musical instrument?
A:  No, the ability to play an instrument is not required as long as you have the ability to sing or write lyrics.

Q:  I create my music using computer software. Can I use my laptop as my instrument?
A:  Yes, as long as you can bring a laptop to compose your music on.

Q:  Can I bring my musical instrument to the workshop?
A:  Yes, we encourage participants to bring their own instruments, however, we can provide the instruments if need be.

Q:  Which genres of music are welcomed at the workshop?
A:  We welcome ALL genres of music.

Q:  Is there a minimum age requirement?
A:  Yes, participants need to be at least 18 years of age.

Q:  Who will own the creative rights to the material that I compose on the workshop?
A:  You and your co-writer will share ALL of the creative rights to your music.

Q:  When do workshops take place?
A:  Our weekday workshops run from Monday to Thursday. Our weekend workshops run Saturday and Sunday. See our schedule page for more details.

Q:  How long do the workshops last?
A:  The total duration of a single workshop is 12 hours.

Q:  How big are the class sizes?
A:  Class sizes are limited to 6 people, so register soon.

Q:  When should I enroll?
A:  Because class sizes are limited to 6 people, we encourage interested participants to contact us as early as possible to check available enrollment dates.

Q:  How much does the workshop cost?
A:  The total cost of the workshop is $350. This fee includes all session time, recording time, and delivery of audio files

Q:  What methods of payment are accepted?
A:  We accept payments via Paypal, Google Checkout, cash, check or credit card.

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