Workshop Outline

Introduction – 15 Minutes

Prior to beginning of the workshop, we like to give our participants the opportunity to meet with each other in our studio lounge. This allows everyone to become acquainted on a first name basis and sets a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease. Each participant is then invited to speak briefly about their musical interests and the artists who have been their biggest influences.

Performance – 1 1/2 Hours

The workshop begins by giving each participant the opportunity to showcase his or her songwriting style to the group. They can do this by performing live or by playing a recording of their work on our studio sound system. This gives group members the chance to gain an insight into each other’s lyrical & musical composition techniques and to learn from each other’s songwriting styles.

Discussion Forum – 1 Hour

Upon completion of the performances, the workshop then opens into a discussion forum where group members are encouraged to offer their feedback on various aspects of each other’s songwriting. This usually involves discussion on the technical aspects such as chord structures, melodies, harmonies, vocal delivery and lyrical composition. Additionally, the forum includes discussion on the importance of production techniques and how they can have a major impact on the conveyance of a song’s mood or style.

Collaborative Composition – 3 Hours

Collaborative composition involves splitting the group members up into teams of two, so that they can begin working on new compositions. Each team will be given their own workspace where they can exchange musical ideas to create and craft new songs. Once they have composed their new material, they can begin rehearsing for the following day’s recording session.

Recording Session – 6 Hours

The workshop culminates in a group recording session. Participants will have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art recording facility to have their new musical material recorded, mixed and mastered by our in-house engineers. Students can then use these recordings to audition for a music publishing contract with our associates at Powerbrokers Music Publishing.

Please Note:

Regarding the recording session, each songwriting duo will be allocated two hours to record their new song. This ensures that everybody gets the opportunity to record at least 1 instrument track and 1 vocal track prior to the end of the workshop. If participants wish to continue on their songs after the completion of the workshop, we can arrange additional time at a 50% discounted studio rate for workshop participants.

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